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Custom bronze-painted metal shelving, and a warm cherry wood stain & transitional style furnishings were selected to interface with the traditional cherry furnishings in the lobby and the School's first floor offices.

Music Library Stacks Music Library Student Studying

Library shelves during installation (above left) and small study area located within the stacks (above right). Mini-scores can be seen in the shelves behind the study area.

Reference area looking into the Periodicals Room (below left) and looking towards the main stacks and the computer work area (below right).

Music Library Reference Department Music Library Student Studying

Several audio carrels including LP, CD, and cassette players were installed near the front of the library. Carrels also include multiple headphone jacks and amplifiers. Several carrels now also include a PC computer. Below are the carrels (left) and a close-up of the standard equipment (right).

Music Library Audio Cabinetry Music Library Audio Equipment