Gifts of books and other materials have played an important role in building the collections of the Columbus State University (CSU) Libraries. The Libraries continue to welcome gifts in kind, but due to space constraints and the high costs associated with processing, storing, and preserving materials, the Libraries can only accept selected items that meet current curricular needs and support the Libraries' mission.

General Policies

Potential donors should contact the Dean of Libraries to discuss their gifts. The Dean makes all decisions regarding gifts in kind, and approval must be granted prior to delivery. Unsolicited gifts in kind will not be accepted. Unless other arrangements are agreed upon prior to the donation, donors are responsible for packing, shipping, or delivering gifts. All fees related to shipping, insurance, and delivery are the donor's responsibility.

Once accepted, donated materials become the property of CSU and cannot be returned. Please note that we may not add every item from a donation to the collection. Gift books cannot be accepted as separate collections. Access to gift materials added to the collection cannot be restricted to any particular group of patrons. Items not retained may be offered to members of the CSU community, other libraries, or outside organizations.

All gift offers receive careful consideration by the CSU Libraries. Highly desirable materials include scholarly monographs published within the last five years, musical scores, and CDs in good condition.

We generally do not accept:

  1. Outdated or obsolete media formats, including:
    1. LPs and 78s
    2. Cassette tapes
    3. DAT tapes
    4. Reel-to-reel tapes
    5. VHS or Beta tapes
    6. Laser discs
  2. Damaged, dirty, moldy, malodorous, highlighted, incomplete, or water/fire-damaged materials
  3. Materials already owned by the libraries
  4. Textbooks
  5. Magazines/journals and newspapers
  6. Homemade CDs
  7. Empty media cases
  8. Photocopies

The CSU Archives and Special Collections welcomes donations of materials related to the history of Columbus and the surrounding area. For more information, please consult their website:

Other Ways to Support the CSU Libraries

CSU is grateful for monetary gifts earmarked for the Libraries. These donations have a far-reaching impact, expanding the resources and services available to students, faculty, and staff by supporting the acquisition of new materials, furnishings, and equipment, as well as funding digitization projects, special programs, and services otherwise not covered by our operating budget. You may donate to the Libraries through the Columbus State University Foundation.

The Columbus State University Foundation makes written acknowledgment of all gifts accepted. The letter of acknowledgment notes the number of volumes received, but does not include a list of the items or an estimate of the value of the gift.

Appraisals and Income Tax Deductions

The appraisal or establishment of a gift's value for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. Neither the CSU Libraries nor the CSU Foundation can provide estimates of the monetary value of any donation.

Donors of gifts with an estimated value between $500 - $5,000 will want to consult IRS publication 526, Charitable Contributions and/or publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property, both available from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Donors of gifts exceeding $5,000 in value should also consult these publications and should discuss tax considerations with an attorney or accountant. An appraisal is required to substantiate a tax deduction of more than $5,000 for a non-cash gift. Such an appraisal must be signed by the appraiser and Columbus State University's Vice President for University Advancement.

Questions about library gifts should be directed to:

Alan Karass, Dean of Libraries

CSU Libraries
Columbus State University
4225 University Avenue
Columbus, Georgia 31907
Telephone: 706-507-8681
FAX: 706-507-8695