The Music Library collection consists of books, scores, sheet music, periodicals, compact discs, LPs, CD ROMs, videocassettes, DVDs, analog cassettes, software, circulating copies of selected School of Music recordings, and access to a myriad of electronic resources via GALILEO, institutional subscriptions, and the Internet.

The collection covers a wide array of musical styles, periods, and genres, though the focus of the collection is to support the music curriculum of the university. Music materials represented in microform, the Government Documents collection, and the Archives are located in the main library, as are some reference materials and cross-disciplinary resources.

The collection is arranged/classified as follows:

  • Media items (except commercial audiocassettes) are in acquisition (numerical) order preceded by letters designating the format
  • Audiocassettes (commercial), books, scores are in Library of Congress (LC) classification order

Guides to LC Classification: