CSU Libraries strives to create a welcoming environment conducive to learning, study, and collaboration. To that end, library users are encouraged to respect the rights of others while using the Library. In addition, CSU Libraries' staff asks that library patrons refrain from engaging in disruptive behaviors that might interfere with fellow patrons' ability to work, study, and learn. Disruptive behaviors include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Creating excessive noise or volume (including loud talking, socializing, working collaboratively, playing audio or video devices).
  • Soliciting or advertising any non-CSU-related product, service, or event within the library building. Notices may be posted on the bulletin board in the library lobby.
  • Misusing, damaging or removing library materials.
  • Disrespecting or intruding upon others' boundaries and/or personal space.
  • Engaging in verbal abuse or harassment.
  • Exhibiting threatening, hostile, or intimidating behaviors which potentially cause harm to self and/or others.

Library users engaging in such behaviors will be given verbal warnings. If such warnings are ineffective, the parties involved may be asked to leave the premises if the behavior persists.

In addition, the appropriate CSU statutes, guidelines, and policies are in effect and must be followed. Links to the relevant policies are listed below:

NOTE to library staff: All such incidents should be noted in the Library incident log. In addition, behaviors or incidents deemed potentially dangerous, threatening, or illegal should be formally reported to Create Care.