While the Library Faculty and Staff want to provide an environment that is friendly and comfortable for our users, we must emphasize that the library is a center for learning. Some people need a quiet study place to learn, while others learn best through group collaboration. It is also a center for teaching, since the Library Faculty and Staff instruct individuals and groups in the use of certain tools and materials. 

To create an environment that serves all styles of learners, while also accommodating the library's teaching function, we have divided library areas into three distinct types of study zones, each with a different noise level expectation: 

First floor is a community zone, second floor is a collaborative zone, third floor is a quiet zone.

  • Community Zone – In this zone we encourage group work, respectful phone use, and a moderate volume level. The first floor, except the Quiet Room, is a community zone. 

  • Collaborative Zone – In this zone we encourage working quietly in groups and silent phone use. The entirety of the second floor is a collaborative zone. 

  • Quiet Zone – In this zone we encourage quiet study and silent phone use. This zone includes the third floor and the Quiet Room on the first floor. 

Other Noise Level Considerations 

Please remember the Group Study Rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors are NOT soundproof.  

Some noise is to be expected during library tours and other special events. 

Mobile Devices Policy 

In consideration of other library users, we ask that you respect these library study zone designations and noise level policies and modify your level of conversation and volume while using mobile devices accordingly.