The Simon Schwob Memorial Library actively encourages and participates in activities which foster the sharing of library materials so that our users have access to a wider ranges of information. However, there are expenses beyond those passed on to the library patron. Patrons, therefore, are asked to use discretion in ordering Interlibrary Loan.

The Simon Schwob Memorial Library will attempt to borrow materials or secure photocopies of journal articles for patrons with the understanding that the patron will abide by the regulations of the library. Interlibrary Loans are a privilege, not a right. The lending library expects and deserves to have borrowed material returned on time. If our library abuses the Interlibrary Loan code, a lending library could refuse to furnish photocopies to our library. If a patron abuses the Interlibrary Loan code, we reserve the right to revoke that patron's Interlibrary Loan privileges.


  • Interlibrary Loan is available to current faculty, staff, and students of Columbus State University.
  • Alumni, students attending local universities/colleges, and retired faculty will not be allowed Interlibrary Loan privileges.


  • All Interlibrary Loan requests should be submitted via Tipasa.
  • Requests for books available in either Columbus State University Libraries or via GIL Express will be canceled.
  • Requests for articles available in either Columbus State University Libraries or via GALILEO will be canceled.
  • Patrons are limited to five (5) ILL requests per day. Even then, the Interlibrary Loan Department will set ordering priorities when numerous requests are made by the same person.
  • Patrons will be notified via email when requested resource has arrived.
  • Items not normally borrowed include whole volumes/issues of periodicals, reference books, and archived material.


  • Books obtained through Interlibrary Loan must be picked up and returned at the Circulation Desk. For pick up, either the person placing the request or that individual's authorized user must present a photo ID and sign for the item.
  • Music Library patrons will pick up books at the Music Library unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Patrons who do not pick up materials, pay their charges on time, and/or return borrowed materials on time may have their Interlibrary Loan privileges revoked.
  • Articles will be delivered electronically via the web server. Patrons will have 30 days to view, download, or print the document. The document will be automatically deleted after this time period. NOTE: Interlibrary loan staff will restore electronic documents for patrons once.


  • The patron is responsible for any fees (borrowing, overdue, damage, replacement, photocopying, etc.) that may be incurred, regardless of when the material arrives. Non-payment of such fees may result in a block being placed on the patron's request for transcripts, as well as the patron's attempt to register for classes and/or graduate.
  • Fees for requested items must be paid in person using cash or credit card or by phone with a credit card. These fees must be paid before the book or electronically delivered article will be made available.


  • Renewal requests should be placed online via Tipasa at least a week before the book is due.