The CSU Main Library provides a designated bulletin board for posting notices (flyers, handbills, cards, advertisements, signs, posters, announcements, etc.) located in the library lobby. Posting or passing out of non-library notices in the public areas of the library, with the exception of the designated bulletin board, is prohibited.  In addition, for those seeking ways to promote CSU affiliated events, consider utilizing digital signage around campus.  To place digital signage requests contact:  Student Life & Development -

Public areas include:

  • study rooms, seminar room
  • tables, seating
  • restrooms
  • Einsteins Cafe
  • computer lab areas
  • columns, walls
  • hallways, doors,
  • elevators
  • book stacks

This policy is intended to:

  • Maintain the library as an attractive and uncluttered environment.
  • Increase the effectiveness of notices and signs posted by library staff, which are intended to assist and inform those who use our resources.

For more information, see the university's advertising policy.