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Steps to Printing a Thesis

The CSU Libraries requires two copies of each thesis or dissertation printed on 100% cotton bond paper. These will be delivered to the Library by the CSU Print Shop.

The two library copies will be made public – one in the circulating collection and the other in the University Archives.

All theses and dissertations submitted to the Library will be converted to an electronic (digital) format and posted on the CSU ePress, the Library's institutional repository.


  1. Take a copy of the Submission Approval Form completed and signed to Office 065 in the basement of the Simon Schwob Memorial Library. The basement is open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM – 4:00PM. You may also e-mail the approval form to Ms. Holli Redden at: redden_holli@columbusstate.eduOn weekends or after 4:00 PM on weekdays, take the copy of the Submission Approval Form to the Circulation Desk at the Simon Schwob Memorial Library (first floor).
  2. Provide a digital PDF of the thesis to Printing Services either electronically ( or in person.  Printing Services is located in the Cougar Copy Center in Davidson Hall.  Attention: Student must arrange for payment with Printing Services prior to the printing of the thesis. Payment can be made in person at the Cougar Copy Center or by phone at 706-507-8630.  Students are responsible for the payment of all printing.  If they choose to order personal copies, they will be responsible for printing and binding of those.
  3. One original thesis signature page on cotton bond paper must be taken to Printing Services (Cougar Copy Center, Davidson Hall) for inclusion in the thesis for the University Archives.  If the student is out-of-town or physically unable to bring the original signature pages to Printing Services, a digital copy may be e-mailed to Printing Services at

For questions, please contact either Holli Redden at 706-507-8679 or Printing Services at 706-507-8630.