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GIL-Find Express (GIL Express Universal Borrowing)

CSU library patrons now have access to the book collections of every college and university in the University System of Georgia through GIL Universal Borrowing. Universal Borrowing is only available for books. Other formats such as microfilm, CD, or DVD are not available.

There are two primary ways to use Universal Borrowing: present your current CSU ID card at any USG library circulation desk or request books through the GIL-Find Universal Catalog by following the directions below.

  1. Search the GIL Universal Catalog for the desired book(s). A link to the Universal Catalog will be presented automatically in GIL-Find@CSU (the local catalog) whenever you enter a search that results in no hits. Click on the link to execute your search in the Universal Catalog.

    You may also access the catalog directly at
  2. Once you find the catalog record for the book you want, click on the "Place GIL-Express Request" button above the book locations.
  3. You will have to login before submitting your first request.
    • Select "Columbus State University Libraries" as your Home Institution.
    • Select barcode, CSU ID, or social security number from the drop-down menu on the next line and enter the appropriate number in the box. Do not use spaces or dashes when entering the number.
      • Your CSU ID number is on the front of your CSU ID card, immediately below your name. It should begin with "909".
      • You may also look up your CSU ID number here.
      • Your barcode is "201" followed by your CSU ID number.
    • Enter your last name in the box under the ID number box.
    • Click on the "Logon" button
    You will remain logged in until you click "Exit" at the top of the screen or you close your web browser.
  4. After you login you will see a screen with information about the book you requested.
  5. You will have to re-enter the ID number you used to login to the system.
  6. Be sure to select which library you wish to pick the books up at. The system defaults to the Main Library (Simon Schwob Memorial). If you want to pick the book up at the Music Library you must select Music Library from the drop-down menu. You may also pick materials up at any other USG library, but must present a valid CSU ID to do so.
  7. Click on the "Submit Request" button to submit the request.

Things to remember

  • This service is only available for books.
  • Check out period is 28 days.
  • You may renew each book twice, then you must return it.
  • You may use GIL-Find@CSU or the GIL-Find Universal Catalog to renew books.
  • You may return books to any USG library.
  • Books will be checked in the day you turn them in, or the next business day if using book drops when the library is closed.
  • More information on GIL Express is available at the GIL Express web site.

If you experience any difficulty requesting books online, please contact the library at 706-507-8692 for assistance.