D. Abbott Turner College of Business and Computer Science Accreditation Cycle

  • Date of last site visit/accreditation: February 2014
  • Date for next accreditation review:  March 2019

AACSB Accreditation Requirements

Part 2:  General Criteria

  • Section E

  • The school must be structured to ensure proper oversight, accountability, and responsibility for the school's operations; must be supported by continuing resources (human, financial, infrastructure, and physical); and must have policies and processes for continuous improvement.

   Guidance for Documentation

  • Describe trends in resources available to the school, including those related to finances,facilities, information technology infrastructure, human, and library/information resources. Discuss the impact of resources on the school's operations, outcomes (graduates, research, etc.), and potential for mission achievement going forward. 

Library Supporting Resources

The following electronic resources are available through CSU Libraries to support the accreditation requirements:

Online Databases