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American Chemical Society (ACS) Accreditation

Department of Chemistry Accreditation Cycle

  • Date of last site visit/accreditation: n/a
  • Date for next self-study: Not yet determined
  • Date for next site visit: Not yet determined

ACS Accreditation Requirements

4.4 Chemical Information Resources

  • The vast peer-reviewed chemical literature must be readily accessible to both faculty and students. Historically such access came through a good library providing monographs, periodicals, and facilities for database searches. Electronic access has changed the function of libraries as physical repositories. An approved program must provide students with the following minimum chemical information resources:
    • An approved program must provide access to no fewer than 14 current journals chosen from the CPT recommended journal list (PDF) (available from the CPT Website) in either print or electronic form. At least three must come from the general content list, and at least one must come from each area of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and chemistry education. In addition, the library should provide access to journal articles that are not readily available by a mechanism such as interlibrary loan or document delivery services. If primary student access is electronic, cost or impractical times for access should not limit it unduly.
    • Students must have print or electronic access to Chemical Abstracts, including the ability to search and access full abstracts.

Library Supporting Resources

The following electronic resources are available through CSU Libraries to support the accreditation requirements:

Online Databases

ACS Electronic Journal Subscriptions