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Giving to the Library

Criteria for Acceptance of Gifts

All gift offers receive careful consideration by the Library. Materials appropriate for acceptance are those which enhance the value of existing collections. Highly desirable materials include:

  1. Recently published scholarly monographs
  2. Materials related to the history of Columbus and the surrounding area, including:
    1. Manuscripts and records from Columbus citizens and businesses
    2. Printed materials (regardless of publication date) dealing with the area
    3. Columbus area high school annuals
    4. Local church annuals and programs
    5. Diaries, scrapbooks, correspondence
    6. Recordings (all formats) of local musicians
    7. Local oral history interviews
    8. Home movies, videos, photographs, and postcards depicting Columbus or the surrounding area
  3. Scores, CDs and books about music for the RiverCenter Music Library

Materials which fall outside the Library's collecting policy and, thus, cannot be accepted as gifts, include:

  1. Vanity press books
  2. Books already owned by the library
  3. Textbooks
  4. 33 1/3 LPs and 78 sound recordings
  5. Materials in poor condition
  6. Most journals/magazines

Gifts of journals (subscriptions or physical issues) must be carefully evaluated since there are processing costs, maintenance issues and other complications associated with accepting journals. To be considered for acceptance, the gift journal must enhance the value of the library's existing collections. Once that criterion is met, a gift journal must

  • Be indexed in readily accessible indexes/databases
  • Comprise a complete run for several volumes or years (in the case of physical issues)
  • Have a subscription range of at least five years (in the case of gift subscriptions)

Books and other materials with housing or shelving conditions cannot be accepted. Also, gift books cannot be accepted as separate collections. Access to gift materials added to the collection cannot be restricted to any particular group of patrons.

Conditions of Acceptance

All physical gifts are made to the Columbus State University Libraries and are accepted with the understanding that, upon receipt, the materials become the property of Columbus State University. The Schwob Library is responsible for determining the retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations relating to the use or disposition of such gift materials. Monetary gifts are accepted by the Columbus State University Foundation.

The Columbus State University Foundation makes written acknowledgment of all gifts accepted. The letter of acknowledgment notes the number of volumes received but does not include a list of the items or an estimate of the value of the gift.

Appraisals and Income Tax Deductions

The appraisal or establishment of a gift's value for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. Neither the Library nor the Foundation can provide estimates of monetary value for any donation.

Donors of gifts with an estimated value between $500 and $5,000 will want to consult IRS publication 526, Charitable Contributions and/or publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property, both available from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Donors of gifts exceeding $5,000 in value should also consult these publications and should discuss tax considerations with an attorney or accountant. An appraisal is required to substantiate a tax deduction of more than $5,000 for a non-cash gift. Such an appraisal must be signed by the appraiser and Columbus State University's Vice President for University Advancement.

Questions about library gifts should be directed to:

Mark Flynn, Dean of Libraries
CSU Libraries
Columbus State University
4225 University Avenue
Columbus, Georgia 31907
Telephone: 706-507-8681
FAX: 706-507-8695